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Welcome and thank you for joining us at Greenbuds Cannabis online store. Learn how Cannabis Cures Cancer and How we make Cannabis Oil. Here at our cannabis dispensary we help patients with treatments. We hope that you will become a regular visiting member.

This web page will show you everything you need to know about cannabis oil, how to get cannabis oil and how cannabis cures cancer. We patients with recommendations and treatment of many of critical health problems. Cannabis Oil cures cancer and the other health situations including


• Arthritis

• Diabetes

• Leukemia

• Osteoporosis

• Crohn’s Disease

• Insomnia

• Migraines

• Depression

• Asthma

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Psoriasis

• Glaucoma

• Burns

• Chronic pain

• Mutated cells (tumors, polyps, warts)

• High blood Pressure (hypertension)

• Nausea Anti-Aging Properties.

Cannabis oil is effective for melanoma treating cancer. Additionally the cannabis oil  with other oils such as hemp oil, heal risks and conditions while curing threats and other health circumstances. At you have access to cannabis oil and its super anti-aging qualities. The hemp oil ingredients revitalizes and rejuvenates your important vital organs, which decline and deteriorate over time. Cannabis Oil Prices Below you will find our cannabis oil prices. · Usage Manual · Guidance Manual

Competitive Low Prices

1g = 35 USD

10g = 300 USD

15g = 450 USD

30g = 800 USD

60g = 1,550 USD

We are happy to be able to offer the opportunity to buy Phoenix Tears online made with 100% organically grown Indica. · As far as we know, we are the only resource freely promoting and selling this useful and valuable medication. Hemp is especially suitable for protracted and serious health issues and discomfort. Its qualities include: · Creates feelings and emotions of tranquility, a relaxed atmosphere, and peace · Extremely relaxing and anti-spasmodic · Stress-relieving, good for insomnia · Anti-inflammatory and decreases swelling · Alleviates skin issues, irritations & sensitive reaction · Beneficial for breathing problems and infections · Relieves bronchial asthma, hay fever, high temperature, and sinusitis · Boosts power, energy, positive outlook, optimism, & confidence · Reduces nervousness, anxiety, worry, fear, and apprehension · Holistic: Opening, releasing, balancing and uplifting · Hormone balancing: manages and regulates the womanly female hormone system The oil we produce is made with several strains of top quality naturally and organically grown cannabis which provides a complex blend of cannabinoid. · Only naturally, grown organic grapes alcohol used to extract the cannabinoids from the plant, and eliminated using distillation. · Once the cannabinoids are removed, a comprehensive purification and filtration process eliminates unwanted tars and toxins.


Cannabis oil is a very efficient and extremely safe medication. Both raw and prepared have excellent therapeutic value but there are essential variations between the two which need to be effectively recognized if you are creating making or using this medicine. In its raw unheated form, most of the cannabinoids present in weed are cannabinoid chemicals. Usually the most cannabinoid acidity is: · THCA (THC Acid) which transforms to THC through heat/time · CBD is mostly existing in the way of CBDA CBC is found in CBCA The procedure for transforming cannabinoid chemicals like THCA into the neutral/activated cannabinoids is known as Decarboxylation. This is important to understand, as the neutral/activated cannabinoids like THC are very different to their acid precursors. For example, the melanoma killing properties of cannabinoids that have been clinically identified are involving the neutral cannabinoids. Therefore, if you make cannabis oil to treat a late stage level of melanoma cancer, like the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), it is critical that you prepare the oil, by heating, to finish decarboxylation. Cannabis cures cancer and the melanoma eliminating systems of cannabinoids that have been identified are primarily involving the activation of CB1 and CB2 receptors (protein receptors in our tissues that are maintained by most melanoma cells). THC triggers both receptors, although it has a greater appreciation for CB1 (which is also accountable for the psychoactive effects of THC) while CBD activates only CB2 receptor. Both receptors have been shown to generate apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells. THCA is the acidic forerunner to THC. In it’s acidic form it does not successfully pass the blood brain hurdle and does not stimulate either of these receptors. So, it is unable to induce the death of the cancer cell through this process. THCA is assumed to have its own way of anti melanoma effect through other routes but such pathways are not so well recognized and understood. Additionally, they appear to be far less effective than the cancer eliminating results noticed for THC. Therefore, while raw cannabis is suggested as a great complement for melanoma sufferers, it is effectively prepared/cooked cannabis that is suggested as the main treatment, especially for delayed level or late stage malignancies. Therefore, while raw cannabis is as a great cannabis that is treatment, especially for. · Raw cannabis does have many benefits over prepared cannabis. The main benefits are that the bigger amounts you can eat with out psychoactive results. Raw THCA does not have any psychoactive results so can be absorbed in very large amounts. While THC, despite being extremely non toxic, can only be perfectly accepted in more compact amounts or smaller doses. Though an improved tolerance can be developed by progressively improving amounts every 4 to 5 days. Whichever you choose it is important to learn and make a mental connection mentally connect with the main distinction between the two. Each syringe/vial has a dual double machine vacuumed seal to make it smell-proof. Remember that we do not have lab assessments and do not have the actual quantities of THC and CBD in the oil. Cannabis Oil the New Frontier Many people seem to be finding comfort using Cannabis oils and CBD, as confirmed by the improving number of news experiences devoted to the topic as well as numerous legislation being forced in the United States to ease the alleviate the limitations on CBD products in particular. There have been many well-known informational stories done on the topic lately, such as those done by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in which received extremely high views on CNN. These are quickly increasing awareness and curiosity in Cannabis as a real, natural, alternative medicine and providing attention to the effectiveness of particular Cannabinoids such as CBD. As well, the rules are modifying fast in the nation. Providing the way for things such as the domestic growth of hemp which will now be able to be produced in the United States for the first time in years. This will help lower the current Cannabis oil prices in regards to CBD products.


Cannabis cures cancer and fresh cannabis will be mostly if not absolutely cannabinoid chemicals like THCA, CBDA, and CBCA etc. Some constant decarboxylation will happen as the cannabis plant material is dried/cured but this is a very slow procedure at a 70-degree room temperature. Cold removal techniques like juicing or BHO (butane extraction) will be mostly raw cannabinoid acids. Hot removal techniques methods like the Rick Simpson (RSO) extraction method will be partly prepared/cooked through the removal procedure. · If you wish assurance of full decarboxylation (recommended for melanoma patients) then it is better to make oil at temperatures ranging between 110c and 130c [230F to 266F]. There is a number of advantages to cannabis and both raw and prepared/cooked have their benefits. If you want the most effective potent cancer battling qualities of THC, CBD and CBC then you will need to prepare/cook cannabis ingredients to improve the strength of the activated cannabinoids. · If you wish to use medical advantages, such as the highly effective anti-inflammatory effects, of the raw cannabinoid chemicals like THCA, CBDA and CBCA then cold extractions and juicing are a more sensible choice. · Raw and prepared/cooked cannabis are very different so ensure that you realize what is best for you. Learn the need for decarboxylation and how to accomplish it. Cannabis of all sorts has great therapeutic value but it is crucial that you know what is best for what situation and how to ensure that you are creating the best possible medication for your needs. · It is very difficult to buy Phoenix Tears online because of legalities, but we have managed to figure out a way to do so safely. We inventory an effective potent form of hash oil known as Phoenix Tears, and there is a health revolution happening with this amazing oil. We all know that marijuana has powerful therapeutic qualities. This is the ultimate form of medicinal therapeutic marijuana. AS it has the highest concentrated quantity of THC and CBD’s. We take all-organic bud and draw out all of the medication out of it with a solution. In our case, we use natural organic grape alcohol. This strips out all of the sebum with all of the THC, CBD’s and other good items. We then remove the solution with specific lab devices making only the oil. We are a green operation and recover the solution for future use. This is an extremely concentrated oil and powerful medicine. To give you an idea: · 5 grams of the oil contains approximately 1-1/2 ounces of effectively potent top grade marijuana. We suggest exploring this oil if you or a loved one has a disease. It is almost assured to help and often will treat the person completely. Perhaps you have heard of these terms lately, or have seen one of the increasing numbers of news pieces being done on the healthful advantages of Cannabis oil for sale in various healthcare Medical Marijuana states, and the various blends of organic Cannabinoids included in these products. Cannabinoids that appear to work in harmony with your bodies own endocannabinoid system to impact treatment, healing, stability, and balance. Perhaps you are interested and wished to explore the increasing U.S. trend of re-evaluating Cannabis as medication. Or maybe you want to understand a bit more about some of these more recent ingredients being discussed, such as CBD and what they mean to you as the individual looking for solutions outside of what is currently being marketed by popular medicine. You may even know someone that exists in a Healthcare Medical Marijuana state that has utilized CBD organic oils and would like to look into this opportunity for yourself after learning about its usefulness firsthand, but wonder if you can even find Cannabis oil for sale online? A Natural and Effective Alternative Maybe you are tired of the rub a pill on it and contact me in the morning hour’s mindset that spreads throughout numerous communities in society. Treatments come packed in practical little pills and tablets. Physicians seem to have little time to do anything but create you a prescription and deliver you on your way. In addition, regularly, these medicines have adverse reactions that are more troubling/damaging then the illnesses that they set out to deal with in the beginning! You may already be well versed in the growing story that is Cannabidiol, the beneficial recommendations, and analysis, and you are merely looking for details on present accessibility in the United States. You want to know where to buy Cannabis oil for sale, or if it is even possible to find therapeutic Medicinal Hemp Oil for Sale if you don’t reside in a medical marijuana state?

DOSAGE INFORMATION (how to consume cannabis oil)

It takes the average person  three (3) months to complete  the total 60-gram therapy. I recommend men and women start with:
·        Three doses per day
·        With the dimensions of about half a grain of rice.  This amount could be equivalent to ¼ of a drop of water.
·        After four days at this dosage. most  people are able to increase their doses by doubling the quantity of their dose after every four days.
It takes the average person five weeks to ingest the  cannabis oil to the point where they will be able to consume one (1) gram per day. Once they reach this amount, they can then proceed at this rate till the cancer vanishes.
By using this technique, it allows the body to build up its tolerance slowly.  In fact, I even have several reviews from people who took the  cancer  cure oil therapy and said they never got high. We are inclined to all have very different tolerances for any medication. Your size and weight have very little to do with your tolerances for hemp oil.
Remember that starting therapy with hemp oil will lower your hypertension.  Thus, if you are currently taking blood pressure or hypertension drugs, it’s very probable that you will no longer need them.
When you take the oil, stay within your comfort zone.  However, the reality is, the faster you are taking the oil the higher the possibility of surviving.   At the end of treatment, greater majorities of people continue taking the oil. Although, at a lower dosage. One (1) gram per 30 days would be a reasonable maintenance dose.
I do not wish to see people overdosing on the oil, but an overdose will do no harm.  The most important side effect of this medication is sleep and rest that plays a vital role within the recovery process. Usually, within an hour or close to of taking a dose, the oil is informing you to lie down and take a rest. Do not fight the sleepy-eyed feeling, simply lie down, and go with it.  Generally, within 30 days, the daytime exhaustion related to this treatment ends, and the patient continues to sleep fine at nighttime.

It is suggested that men and women start out with larger amounts would be to get off obsessive and threatening discomfort medicines. Once people who are using such medicines start the cannabis oil treatment, they generally cut their discomfort medicines to 50 percent. The object is to take enough oil to require care of the discomfort sensation and to assist the individual get off these risky drugs. Taking the oil makes it much more easier for the individual to get off these obsessive substances.
I merely tell folks the oil will do one of two (2) things.  It will either cure your cancer or in situations where it’s too late to affect a cure, the oil can ease their way out and they can at least die with pride.  Hemp oil comes with a very high success rate in the treatment of melanoma.   Unfortunately, many individuals who return to me have been poorly damaged by the medical system with their chemotherapy etc. The damage such therapies cause have a sustained effect and other people who have suffered the repercussions of such treatments are the most difficult to treat.
It should also be mentioned that the cannabis cures cancer oil revitalizes important organs like the exocrine gland.   Several diabetes patients who have taken the cannabis oil recognize that after about six weeks on the oil that they do not need hypoglycemic agent since their exocrine gland is once more doing its job.
Properly prepared hemp drugs are the greatest healer on this planet bar none. Once you experience what this medicine can do you will understand why history calls hemp medicine a cure all.

Treating Skin Caner with Cannabis Oil
Cannabis cures cancer and if you can get some properly prepared oil, it’ll undoubtedly work to cure skin cancer and typically it only takes a couple of grams of oil to accomplish the task. Take about 30 grams of excellent Indica bud.  This quantity of starting material should produce 3 to 4 grams of high-grade oil.
·        Apply the oil to the skin cancer and cover it with a bandage
·        Apply fresh oil and a replacement bandage after every three or four days and the cancer ought to presently disappear.
·        I always tell folks to continue treatment till the cancer is gone, then they must still treat the area for about 2 additional weeks even as if the cancer was still there.
Doing this will make sure that all the cancer cells are dead and i haven’t seen a cancer return if my directions are followed.
If you have had skin cancer for quite a while and the cancer is well established, it’s going to take a while to cure. However sometimes even in severe cases the melanoma can vanish in just twenty-one (21) days.
In an extreme case it may take longer and if so, then basically continue the treatment until it is gone. Many people will cure their skin melanoma in no time, it all depends on your own rate of healing, and the way greatly embedded the cancer has become.

Other Natural Cannabis oil Stuff To Try
When people came to me for oil to treat their cancer, the primary thing I told them to try to do is modify their diets.
·        Try to stay away from animal protein as much as possible.  Since such protein promotes cancer growth.
·        Get a juicing machine and start consuming as many raw fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.  Since plant, protein fights the expansion of cancer.
·         Stop using sugar and replace its use with natural sweetener’s like raw honey.
·        Get your ph up as quickly as possible, cancer likes an acidic environment, and when you raise the body’s ph it makes it hard for cancer cells to survive.
·        Additionally, begin eating the seeds from 2 apples everyday, this can offer you a decent daily dose of B17 also called laetrile. B17 in its own right has a smart documentation in the treatment of cancer.
There are alternative natural things like wheat grass that you simply could find of profit.  Furthermore, many folks who have used the oil to al with their malignancies did not modify a thing, and the oil still worked its magic, they were well.
But if you have got a heavy condition like cancer its an honest idea to take alternative natural things which will facilitate the oil, reduce the cancer and provide you a greater chance to survive. The most crucial factor of all is that, people ought to comprehend that for the most part, what the healthcare system provides does far more damage than good. That is the reason I tell those who contact me, if they want to survive its best to stay as far-off from the healthcare system as possible. That is the sad state of the healthcare program we have nowadays.  It will not change until people that work within this system finally know and understand that toxins and poison do not cure.
As so much as I am concerned what most doctors nowadays, practice is insanity and not medication!

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